8 Kelly Street, Wodonga, 3690, Victoria, Australia Tel. (02-6024-1864)

Formichi Smallgoods


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award winning traditional  Artisan smallgoods

Formichi Smallgoods have won numerous awards for their produce throughout the North East region of Victoria. They have been featured on a number television lifestyle programs for their prize winning smallgoods


Serving the finest cuts of Cold meat

For over 50 years Formichi Smallgoods are devoted to following traditional methods of food preservation. We only use Free Range female pigs , the results are the finest smallgoods in the region with a huge following around the country. Visit us at the shop or at one of the farmers markets we service.


Located in
the heart
of North east

You can contact us here by sending us an email or visiting us at our shop. We are open to the public on Thursday and Fridays between 8.30am to 5.30pm and Saturdays between 8.30am to 12.30pm.


Our story begins in a small town

Celebrating over 60 years, producing traditional award winning smallgoods throughout Victoria and the North East. 

In the small town of Wodonga, Formichis'  smallgoods are renowned throughout not only in the North East but have also found their way into some of the top restaurants and cafes in the Yarra Valley. Anyone who has been to the local farmers' markets would be sure to recognise the voice of smallgoods producer Rob Formichi - and the unmistakable passion he has for his products.  

"We only use Free Range female pigs and our products are not pumped with gelatines, colours or extenders, says Rob. "They are predominately made by hand utilising the recipes handed down through the generations all the way from Tuscany, Italy". 

We are a family business that takes pride in what we produce.


Market Days

Capital Region Farmer EPIC Market Dates 2021

  • February 27th 

  • March 13th & 27th 

  • April   10th & 24th   

  • May    8th & 22nd 

  • June    5th & 19th

  • July     3rd & 17th & 31st 

  • Aug      14th & 28th 

  • Sep      11th & 25th

  • Oct      9th & 23rd

  • Nov     6th & 20th  

  • Dec     4th & 18th  (final market for the year until March 2022)


Address: Held Saturdays 7:30 am to 11.30 am. Located at Exhibition Park (EPIC) in Canberra on the corner of the Federal Highway and Flemington Road, Watson ACT. You can see how to get to the market by this link (directions).  

Southside Farmers Market Canberra Dates 2021

  • February  28th

  • March  14th & 28th 

  • April    11th & 25th    

  • May    9th & 23rd

  • June    6th & 20th

  • July     4th & 18th

  • Aug      1st & 15th & 29th

  • Sep      12th & 26th 

  • Oct      10th & 24th

  • Nov    7th & 21st

  • Dec     5th & 19th (final market for the year until March 2022)


Address: The market operates Sundays from 8am - 11.30am,  2  Launceston St, PHILLIP, ACT 2606 (Visit the website for more information)  


Albury Wodonga Farmers Market Dates 2021

  • March  6th & 20th

  • April    3rd & 17th

  • May     1st & 15th & 29th 

  • June    12th & 26th

  • July     10th & 24th

  • Aug      7th & 21st

  • Sep       4th & 18th 

  • Oct       2nd & 16th & 30th

  • Nov      13th & 27th 

  • Dec     11th ( to be advised )


Address: Lincoln Causeway Wodonga at Gateway Islands. The market operates every Saturday from 8am - 12pm. 



shop mum's camera 052
Markets, the early days
Market photos



contact us: Phone:+61 2 6024 1864 

8 Kelly Street, Wodonga Vic 3690 

Shop Hours

Thursday: 8.30am-5.30pm,  Friday 8.30am-5.30pm  / Saturday 8.30am-12.30pm


email: info@formichismallgoods.com.au

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